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PUG Challenge 2009

PUG Challenge 2009
Practical Information

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Airport; Rotterdam Airport, take bus 33 to Rotterdam Central Station
or Schiphol Amsterdam, take the train to Rotterdam Central Station. Metro from Rotterdam Central Station; Take the metro to Spijkenisse and get out at Leuvenhaven, from there it’s a five minute walk to ‘Het Westelijk Handelsterrein’.

During the Challenge all drinks, snacks, lunches (friday and saturday) and diner on friday are included. Breakfast is excluded!

We’ve made price agreements for you at …

Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam
69.00 EURO per room per night
18.50 EURO breakfast per person
175.00 EURO per person for two nights including breakfast
212.00 EURO for two persons for two nights including breakfast

Tulip Inn Rotterdam
90.00 EURO per standard room per night
110.00 EURO per deluxe room per night
16.00 EURO breakfast per person
212.00 EURO per person for two nights including breakfast (252.00 for deluxe room)
244.00 EURO for two persons for two nights including breakfast (284.00 for deluxe room)

Parking click here for pdf.

Due to last years succes …

PUG Netherlands has started the organisation of another PUG Challenge. But instead of going back to where it all started or going to the restored SS-Rotterdam we eventually managed to find a very nice place close to where the SS-Rotterdam would have docked to hold this conference. This year on november 13th and 14th the Challenge will be held in ‘Het Westelijk Handelsterrein’ . Check out their site:



This year we decided to include all meals and drinks. If you are a PUG member (any PUG in the world) the cost will be 245 EURO’s else you’ll have to pay 345 EURO. Signup right now, here!. Prices do not include transportation, hotel or breakfast.


Friday november 13th

Friday we’ll start with a welcome after which everybody will split into one of five tracks;

  • DBA, 4GL and ABL, all about how to develop and maintain valuable business applications
  • .NET & web with presentations about various frontends
  • Integration, mashups and principles
  • Workshops
  • Commercial presentations of products and solutions we think you should not be missing

In the afternoon we’ll have two or three business presentations and in the evening we’ll have an evening program which will include drinks, music and …

Saterday november 14st

Saturday we’ll start directly with the sessions again five tracks and stop around lunch time.

Mini Expo

During the two day event there’ll be a Mini Expo where you can get acquainted with different vendors and their products. If you want to participate please contact Ali Sassi.

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